We have defined 6 areas

We are going to implement them step by step

planned projects


Massive Awareness Campaign

  1. Undertake a survey to establish private lands that have been surrendered for mining and quarrying.
  2. Provide education for the above land owners on their rights and responsibilities.
  3. Provide education for the land owners on the right and responsibilities of mining companies.


Rehabilitating depreciated roads

  1. Undertake a survey    to establish   the   number   of roads destroyed  as  a result of   mining   and   quarrying activities.
  2. Identify, through open and competitive process, competent road contractors.


Rehabilitating dilapidated health facilities and early child- hood facilities

  1. Undertake a survey  to establish the number of declining health facilities  as  result of mining activities.
  2. Identify and   contract competent construction companies  to  steer  the recovery of such facilities


Increasing Acreage under trees

  1. Prepare a   comprehensive strategy on how to increase the area under  both indigenous and exotic trees
  2. Implement the strategy


Revive and strengthen deforested forest areas.

  1. Identify and reclaim former  forest  covers that     were  previously captured   by  the mines and quarries.
  2. Implement the plan


Massive Procurement of tree seedling

  1. Bring  on  board and partner with department of Forestry  for  the acquisition of free seedlings
  2. Partner with private tree nursery owners
  3. For long  term continuity,  the CBO  will partner with the Forestry department to establish its own seedling nurseries.