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Creating Awareness

Communities and individual land owners whose land is subject to mining activities also have rights and responsibilities of which they should be empowered to be aware of and understand so as to help in avoiding preventable exploitations.

Filling of sinkhole

Left unattended with increasing time, the number of sinkholes is expected to increase if no appropriate mitigation measures against subsurface quarry collapses are taken. The Mining  Act requires the mining  company of an  abandoned mine to fence, fill up, or secure, all shafts, pits, holes and excavations and remove all notices. 

Improving of infrastructure

There  is  need  in constructing    proper  roads  for  Kauma community  to  ease  the  accessibility  of Kauma  and  repair  the  damage  roads  due to  mining  in  the  area,  and  also  reinstate and  build  new  building  for  the  people whose houses  were destroyed  as result of mining   in   the   area   and   to   ensure   the community   are   safe   at   their   residential

Vegetation improvement

Implementation of environmental safety and soil recovery within the affected areas.

  • Soil  Improvement  by  Forestation
  • Soil Improvement by Plantation of Fruit Trees and Short-Term Food Crops
  • Initiate the Forest Rehabilitation Campaign


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