This is where the Kaumas live in Kenya

This is where our land is being destroyed

Ganze is the Constituency, which is part of Kilifi County

Jaribuni or Kauma is one of the wards of the Ganze constituency

The location covers an area of approximately three hundred and eighteen Square Kilometers (318sq/km) with a population of around Thirty One thousand two hundred and  twenty six (31,226).  The main communities residing in Kilifi County, Kenya includes seven Mijikenda Sub groups (Giriama, Chonyi, Jibana, Kambe, Kauma, Rabai and Ribe), the Bajuni, Swahili, and people of Arab, Indian and European descent who have permanently settled in the county. There are other Kenyan communities who have also settled in the County because of their employment or for purposes of doing business. Iron ore mining is a major economic activity for residents of Kauma Sub location. It is used by cement-making factories and the Chinese who are building  the Lapsset corridor in Lamu. 

Mining companies world-wide have established systems of best practice in the management of the environment, health and safety regulations and standards. This is to enhance  company productivity and to reduce on cost of environmental degradation and on health and safety costs. However, it is being observed that compliance  to regulations  and  standards  is  generally  low  in  Kauma  mining  sites, especially  with  the disorganized small scale miners. The comparative  best  practices  will  see  the  mining sector rejuvenated to be a source of economic development in mining areas with the community welfare being a priority issue in the company operations.

Left unattended with increasing time, the number of sinkholes is expected to increase if no appropriate mitigation measures against subsurface quarry collapses are taken. The Mining  Act requires the mining  company, of an  abandoned mine to fence, fill up, or secure, all shafts, pits, holes and excavations and remove all notices. However, a walk in  these  quarried  areas in  Kauma  location proves  to one that  The Mining Act  2016 is not enforced at all.

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