The history

Why we started the Kauma CBO

What we have done so far

mining in kauma

Mining represents a great threat on various issues in the poor area of Kauma in the Ganze constituency. Little or nothing has been done so far to ease the threat to the community. So people have come together to form the Kauma CBO in 2019 in order to get help on various issues and from various places.

Situation Analysis

Mining activities in Kauma Sub-location of Kilifi County has proved to be a real threat to  human  life  as  the  heavy  blasting  of  Iron  Ore  degrades  the  stability  of  the  area surrounding  the  operations. 

Fears of the residents

Locals are  increasingly  fearful  that  the Mines   are   damaging roads and threatening  the entire Kauma location and its environs including the Kauma  Forest,  which is a Gazetted World UNESCO Site.

Dangerous Depressions

The  area  is  also  marked  by  a  huge depression   caused   by   continuous mining  and houses  can be  seen hanging  at  the  edge  of the  depressions, with children playing near it.

what we do about it

Through becoming a member of the Kauma CBO residents will be represented by professionals in their concerns and donations will be distributed to benefit all those who are part of the CBO. The Kauma CBO has a constitution and is acting accordingly. One of the first steps is to get the money that is owed to the community from the mining companies. according to the mining Act